ISlim Rx Program

Obesity is a life threatening disease that has affected many individual’s lifestyle. Some have spent thousands while some are spending grands to annihilate this confidence depriving disease away from their body. At Myra Skin Clinic, we understand the true value of a good healthy body and offer premium weight loss packages that bring you the body you want without any surgery of invasive treatment.

At Myra Skin Clinic, also acknowledged as one of the leading weight loss center in Panchsheel Park New Delhi, we offer a medically supervised 40 days scientific weight loss program. This all natural scientific program – iSlimRx provides safe, healthy and realistic results. The program also ensures that there is no starvation and no heavy exercise during the course.

islim rx works

HOW ISlim Rx Program WORKS?

iSlimRx is a scientifically designed weight management programs that follows a very stringent protocol for food consumption without any food starving. No rough exercises are constrained to the individuals during the course, moreover, mild exercises like gentle walk for 30 min/day are recommended.

Some other highlighting features of this program are as follows:-

• It even works for the patients with medical conditions like PCOD, Diabetes and Hypothyroid.

• The program constitutes of an android application for patients, as to enter their weight on daily basis.

The scientific program was designed to help individuals to lose their weight at total ease and without any weakness, food craving or any side effects. Our health conscientious support team will be adhered to assist you whenever required. Moreover, you will be assigned a Weight Loss Counsellor (WLC) who will guide you through the program. Many individuals have benefited from this program with proven results, and are living a healthy lifestyle. To try reducing the weight in the healthiest way, you can connect with us at our weight loss center in South Delhi. We will be happy to assist you to have a lifelong healthy journey.


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