Chemical Peels

Chemical peeling or chemexfoliation is a very safe , simple and easy procedure which requires just a couple of minutes and makes your skin brighter, younger, smoother and fresher looking than ever before.With a wide range of chemical peels such as salicylic peels, glycolic peels, TCA peels,Black peel for acne,Ferulac peel,yellow peels, Cosmelan peel, Dermamelan peel, lactic peel, jessner's peel,Pink peel for intimate area lightening, MYRA skin and hair solutions offers you the entire basket of peeling treatments.Amongst the AHA's, glycolic acid peel is made from sugarcane ,lactic acid from sour milk, malic acid from apples,mandelic acid from bitter almonds,tartaric acid from grapes and citric acid from citrus fruits.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can be used in combination as well to help you get spotless glowing skin with lighter skin tone and relief from sun tanning .The different powerful ingredients work synergistically to provide faster results in a number of skin conditions for eg:

• Improvement in blackheads and cystic acne

• lightening of pigmentation on face(melasma,freckles,tanning)

• Skin ageing, Photoageing

• Relief from Sun tan, sun damage

• Reduction of fine wrinkles

• Reduction of sebaceous Open pores

• Correction of Dull skin

• Improvement in superficial Scars

• For younger ,smoother skin

• Lightening of Dark neck, intimate areas ,elbows ,knees, underams

• Under eye dark circles

• Skin Rejuvenation


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