Discover Visibly Fairer Skin In Just One Sitting!!

Who wouldn’t desire beautiful,radiant,clear and naturally fairer skin? People with a fairer skin are generally considered to be more attractive. To achieve a lighter complexion; there are various methods and products available in the market. Compared to all the cosmetic products, creams etc., our skin whitening therapy with Glutathione and vitamin C gives longer lasting results with visibly radiant skin right after the first sitting and that too without any side effects!! Our skin whitening program also helps in reducing all kinds of skin blemishes,acne marks and hyperpigmentation. It also helps in minimising the pores,fine lines and wrinkles and is customized as per your requirements

Skin Glow
Skin Tranform

Experience the Irresistible Glow with Glutathione Skin Whitening Programme

The skin whitening therapy principally contains glutathione,Vitamin C, Coenzyme Q10, Alpha lipoic acid ,multivitamins etc. Glutathione acts as the master antioxidant. The glutathione injections are very popular and are used very widely. Many celebrities and models take these injections to get glowing ,pinklish,flawless radiant skin. Glutathione is made up of amino acid combinations (cystine, glycine and glutamic acid). It provides greater benefits for skin such as toxin removal from the body. Many other agents such as thioctic acid(alpha lipoic acid), hyaluronic acid , collagen ,N acetyl cysteine, copper , selenium , multivitamins , kojic acid , coenzyme Q10 are also incorporated in your treatment session at MYRA SKIN CLINIC located in south Delhi, Panchsheel Park to provide you the best of the results along with anti-aging benefits.


Skin Lightening

Glutathione is best for lightening the skin without using any harmful chemicals. It provides glow to the skin and improves skin texture.

Scar and Marks Correction

It reduces dark spots, pigmentation and lines to give clear and smooth skin. There is improvement in dark circles and acne condition with skin whitening treatment

Toxin Removal

It works wonders to detoxify your body and also significantly reduces the risk of developing cancer and neurological problems in the future by its special anti-oxidant properties. It helps to make skin as healthy, fresh, smooth ,radiant and fairer.

Turn back time

Lips and skin color turn into pinkish and radiant with this treatment. It decelerates your body’s aging process and has anti-aging benefits by reducing the appearance of wrinkles,sun spots and hyperpigmentation.


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