Skin Tag Removal

They are common skin outgrowths commonly seen on the neck, underarms, eyelids and other body folds. They are frequently found in people who are overweight, diabetic or those with other endocrinal disorders. Skin tag removal at Myra skin & hair solutions is done in a painless fashion by our dermatologists within a couple of minutes with minimal downtime.

Some people try home remedies to get rid of the Skin Tags/Moles which can sometimes go wrong and leave behind ugly scars, pigmentation or infection.Getting this removed with your Dermatologist ensures that the procedure is done in a safe and sterile manner with no post procedure complications.

tag mole


They are small skin coloured /brown or black spots on the skin which can be flat or raised. If a mole is enlarging irregularly it can be or later on convert to skin cancer. Moles removal is a highly sought after procedure at MYRA SKIN CLINIC and it is an absolute painless procedure.


They are small,white to yellowish raised lesions ,most commonly seen around the eyes. They are easily removed at Myra skin and hair solutions in a painless fashion.


These are caused by viral infection (HPV) and present as raised growths on the skin. Commonly seen on the face , scalp , around private parts, on palms and soles.

Molluscum Contagiosum

These are caused by pox virus infection and transmitted by physical contact . The lesions present as dome shaped raised lesions. Cauterisation is a safe and simple method for the removal of molluscum.

Skin Mole


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