As we age, our skin tension and elasticity steadily decreases and the subcutaneous tissue gets thinner. The body’s ability to produce the collagen and natural moisturising factors diminishes and our skin loses its natural elasticity and suppleness. As a result wrinkles appear with the slow-down of cellular regeneration.At Myra Skin And Hair Solutions, we have several treatments to slow down the ageing process and help you retain your youthful skin.


Thread Lifting is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure which is routinely performed as an alternative to face lift surgery. The cogged thread lift can be done in about 45 minutes to 1 hour and you can go back to work right after getting it done. The recovery time is minimal and results are very rewarding as there is an instant lift seen immediately after the PDO/PLA thread lift treatment at Myra skin clinic. Well that's not all, the continuous boost in collagen production helps to rejuvenate the skin with the accompanying benefits such as improved skin texture,firmness,elasticity and facial contours and reduced appearance of fine lines,pores and scars .



The Cogged Threads help in pulling the skin and thereby lifting the sagged skin on the face. The procedure is absolutely safe in the hands of a trained dermatologist.

Barbed or cogged threads can be used on the jawline, double chin,laugh lines, eyebrows, breasts etc.Mono threads and screw threads are commonly used around the eyes, forehead,under eye bags ,neck ,double chin,scalp etc. The results last upto 12-18 months as the sutures dissolve after this. However there is a secondary rejuvenation effect that lasts for 3 years or even longer as the principle mechanism of action of threads is to stimulate new collagen production in the affected area.Threads used are dissolvable sutures made of either polydoxanone(PDO),polylactic acid(PLA) or polycaprolactone (PCA).


PDO Threads help in restoring the youthful look in a safe manner. Its popularity has grown tremendously in the last decade and PDO threads are now populary used to lift and tighten the sagging skin and cause facial rejuvenation without the need of general anesthesia or prolonged downtime. These dissolvable sutures provide firmness in the skin and improvement in the skin tone and acne scars.



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