As we age, our skin tension and elasticity steadily decreases and the subcutaneous tissue gets thinner. The body’s ability to produce the natural moisturising factors diminishes and our skin loses its natural elasticity and suppleness. As a result wrinkles appear with the slow-down of cellular regeneration. At Myra Skin And Hair Solutions, we have several treatments to slow down the ageing process and help you retain your youthful glow.


HIFU stands for "High Intensity Focused Ultrasound". It is also sometimes called the "LUNCH TIME FACELIFT" as it is quick,painless ,safe, has no downtime and does not require multiple sessions.

It uses focused ultrasound waves to target the various depths (upper dermis 1.5mm, lower dermis 3.00mm and SMAS at 4.5mm) of the skin for tightening and body contouring.



For all those of you, not willing to go for a surgical facelift procedure, Ultherapy provides definite and proven results and that too in a single session. There is no downtime following the procedure as it does not impact the surface of the skin.

The results from a single session of Ultherapy lasts for 18-20 months as this treatment helps in producing new collagen which is responsible for tightening the skin and improving the lines and wrinkles.


Ultherapy was approved by FDA in 2009 for brow lifting ,lifting the sagging skin of the neck, below the chin (jawline) and the upper chest (decolletage).It has been found highly safe and effective for lifting the facial skin and improving the wrinkles and lines. HIFU is also commonly used at Myra skin clinic located in South Delhi for body contouring i.e. lower belly fat reduction, reduction of arm fat and thigh fat,love handles fat removal,double chin removal ,tightening of abdominal skin etc.HIFU heats up the fat cells causing fat cell death and the thermal energy causes contraction of collagen which results in tightening of the skin.

With the use of ultrasound energy, heat is precisely delivered to the layer of the skin where it will benefit you the maximum for producing natural looking results.



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