As we age, our skin tension and elasticity steadily decreases.The retaining ligaments of the face weaken which in turn leads to fat descent ultimately leading to a saggy appearance.The body’s ability to produce the natural moisturising factors and collagen diminishes and our skin loses its natural elasticity and suppleness.Today we have a plethora of anti aging modalities ranging from lasers,vampire facials,chemical peels,botox,radiofrequency, high intensity focussed ultrasound, PDO threads and fillers.At Myra Skin And Hair Solutions,Delhi we have several anti aging treatments to slow down the ageing process and help you retain your youthful glow.


Hylauronic Acid Fillers which are robust, sturdy and durable (for example:- Juvederm Voluma, Volux, Restylane Defyne,Lyft) are used at Myra Skin and Hair Solutions for Cheek Augmentation. This procedure offers you increased cheek volume and more defined and sculpted cheek bones.It also helps in lifting the saggy cheeks providing a non surgical face lift in minutes. And that's not all,your laugh lines or the smile lines(known as the nasolabial folds) can be effaced with hyaluronic acid fillers in minutes at Myra skin clinic . The procedure is performed by Dr Sonia who is an expert in doing facial fillers ,requires around 45 minutes to 60 minutes with the results visible immediately.Depending on the filler chosen, the results can last from 9 months to 2 years.

Loss of volume, stress, hormones, gravity, loss of weight,smoking etc are responsible for the signs of aging on our face. Dermal Fillers are a simple secret for enhancing your cheek bones and maintaning the top model celebrity look.

Cheek Bones
Dark Circle


One of the commonest reasons for Dark Circles is the tear trough hollowness under the eyes. This can be adequately corrected with the Tear Trough Filler. The product used here is made up of Hyaluronic Acid which is a soft tissue filler . It improves the sunken look of the eyes and gives a fresher , less tired look with reduction in the under eye discolouration and hollowness.


Dermal Fillers are an excellent non-surgical treatment option to augment the chin and give a chiselled jawline which makes the face look more youthful.Chin augmentation helps in making your face look slimmer by adding vertical length to the lower face. With a narrow and longer looking chin after the chin augmentation at Myra skin clinic, the appearance of the double chin fat also reduces drastically.This is highly popular cosmetic procedure among those who are conscious about their side profile .Robust fillers such as Juvederm Voluma, Volux, Restylane Lyft are used to construct and harmonise facial proportions by designing a strong jawline and an attractive chin.



Liquid Rhinoplasty is performed using Hyaluronic acid fillers to reshape the nose. It is a very quick procedure to define the bridge of the nose, lift the tip of the nose, add a little volume to the nose and reduce the flaring of the sides of your nose.

Hollowed temples can make you look aged and sick.With temple fillers, the sunken temples get rejuvenated and you can also achieve a mini facelift with lifted eyebrows and more youthful look around the eyes. The process takes approximately 30 minutes and is almost painless.


Skin Boosters are the SKIN VITAMINS that improve the texture, hydration, elasticity, fine lines and scars on the face. Boosters like Vital, Volite etc are injected superficially in the form of micro-droplets to boost the hydration and smoothness of your skin from within and laying down the foundation of a good skin.

With addition of glutathione and polydeoxyribonucleotides to hyaluronic acid,the skin boosters moisturize your skin and give you a KOREAN GLASS SKIN . The skin appears smoother, brighter and plumper with added anti oxidant benefits of glutathione to protect the skin from oxidative stress.It is a "must to have" for the pre bridal and winter skin care.

Skin Booster


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