Electrolysis (Electroepilation) is the one and only safe,effective and proven method of PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL used across the world.It works on both black hair and grey hair effectively. Also electrolysis is equally effective in removing the coarse hair and fine hair too.

The procedure involves insertion of a very fine probe into the hair follicle beneath the surface of the skin. This is followed by a small pass of electrical current pulse which permanently destroys the hair follicle.The hair can then be removed easily with the tweezers.

Electrolysis is the only method of permanent hair removal which is approved by FDA.

The advantage of electrolysis over lasers is that it works on grey hair and very fine hair as well, which are not amenable to destruction by laser hair reduction.Thus, electrolysis (galvanic or the blend method) is the one and only solution for removal of grey/white hair from the face and body.Also, in cases of paradoxical hypertrichosis induced by lasers, electrolysis is a saviour to remove the unwanted hair. Secondly, electrolysis works as a permanent hair "removal" process whereas laser is a permanent hair "reduction" procedure.



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