Discover visibly whiter skin in just one sitting

Every person desires a beautiful and a fairer skin. To get the white skin; there are various methods available in the market. Compared to all the cosmetic products, creams etc., the skin whitening therapy gives lifelong results with visibly whiter skin right after the first sitting. The skin whitening therapy removes all kinds of skin blemishes and skin pigmentation. It also helps to remove all lines and wrinkles from skin.

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See Your Skin Transform With Glutathione Whitening

The skin whitening therapy principally contains glutathione ingredient and Vit C. Glutathione acts as the best antioxidant. The glutathione injections are very popular in Asian countries. In addition, there are many celebrities and models using these type of injections to get fairer skin. Glutathione is made of amino acid combinations(cystine, glycine and glutamic acid). It provides greater benefits for skin such as toxins removal from the body.



Skin Lightening

Glutathione is best for lightening the skin without using any harmful chemicals. It provides glow to the skin and improves skin texture.

Scar and Marks Correction

It reduces scars, pigmentation and lines to give clear and smooth skin. There is improvement in dark circles and acne condition with skin whitening treatment

Toxin Removal

It works wonders to fight cancer and also significantly reduces the risk of developing cancer by its special anti-cancer properties. It helps to make skin as healthy, fresh, smooth and fairer.

Turn back time

Lips and skin color turn into pinkish and radiant with this treatment. It decelerates your body‘s aging process and has anti-aging benefits by reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

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Sahil - I had a great improvement with PRP for my hair. I took 3 sessions and gained all my lost hair. Satisfied and would strongly recommend. Ms. Srilakshmi - After 1 session of laser hair reduction only 1 have no growth on my sidelocks for 3 months now. The procedure was absolutely painless. Very effective chemical peels for hyper pigmentation on the face. Great experience Aahana Sharma - The experience was great. Excellent results Ms. Pratigya - Dr. Sonia is very nice and patient, thank you for listening out my problems and coming up with effective treatment options suiting my medical conditions also. Staff is really nice too. Rohit Sharma - My problem with seborreha from last 5 years just solved in 3-4 days….great result with irritating scales of seborreha. Those who say that it is not cure able …. I will recommend man’s treatment before it gets too late. Surbhi - I have lost up to 10kg of weight in the last 2 months without dieting and gymming. I am really excited about my new look and feeling too happy. Thanks myra…. Recommend to all looking for a healthy weight reduction and a permanent result too. Babita - I had a great result with the meso therapy hair loss. Touchwood my hair are not falling now and am very happy. Also got wonderful results with 3 face photofacial. Strongly recommend. Mamta - I am very satisfied with the treatment. I undertook chemical peels for my dark coloured neck and have got great result. Thank u. Strongly recommend. Siddharth - I had a gd experience. I visited the clinic the clinic for small red bumps on my scalp and beard and they are now perfectly fine. The doctor is very polite and explained everything nicely. Recommend to everyone Nidhi - Overall the nice experience… I m taking the treatment which helped me a lot n improved my hair growth too… Strongly recommend to the others for the skin n hair treatment… thanks dr. Rithwik Aryan - The experience was very satisfactory. Doctor is very polite and explained everything in detail. I took chemical peel for my problem on the face and am very happy, thanks myra.