We offer a variety of treatments for the management of scars

Scar Removal

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Scars that are prominent and visible can make anyone conscious. There are various kinds of scars like acne scars, stretch marks, chicken pox scars, burn scars etc which can affect a persons confidence. Unlike few years back, there has been a lot of technological advancements when it comes to scar removal. Dr Sonia has a vast experience in treating different types of scars in the most non-invasive way. At Myra Skin Clinic, we offer a variety of treatments for the management of scars. Our technology and experience in scar removal in South Delhi allows us to provide effective and efficient treatment for all types of scars.


Lasers is an excellent therapy for scar removal as it non invasive, less time consuming and completely painless. The treatment delivers high intensity micro beams to the deeper layers of the skin promoting the production of collagen and healing the skin surface from within. As the treatment is natural, it can be combined with other treatments to treat mild scars like acne scars etc to deep surgical scars.


Microneedling is one of the most effective treatment used in the evening out of skin. As the treatment does not involve any chemicals, it is effective on all types of skin and can be used even on stretch marks. The therapy is safe at all times of life including for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Scar Removal in South Delhi

Effective, Non-Invasive and Personalised
Based on the type of scar, Dr Sonia can recommend a combination of various techniques to create the most suitable treatment plan for your scar. A gold medalist, Dr Sonia is one of the most preferred dermatologists when it comes to scar removal in south delhi. The clinic is equipped with state of the art technology to provide the best treatment available for removal of scars. Acne Scar Removal is one of the most sought after service at our clinic in South Delhi. You can contact our front desk for more information.