Med Contour

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Med Contour is a relatively recent non-surgical method of reducing fat, coping with localized adiposity and softening the skin on specific areas of the human body which are particularly resistant to common diet and exercise. The method demands no anesthesia to be performed, relying on a combination of ultrasound therapy and vacuum suction/massage to deliver fat melting, cellulite elimination and body contouring.

How Does Med Contour Work?

During a Med Contour session, ultrasounds are emitted, creating an effect which aims directly at the fat cells of the treated area, forcing those fat cells and adipocytes to burst from the inside (this is known as the “cavitation” process), without hurting nearby structures – blood vessels, nerves or connective tissues. That results in fatty lipids and triglycerides being removed from the body in the form of fluid through the lymphatic and vascular system. To accelerate that process and clear the liquids away more easily, Med Contour features a special hand-piece which is able to perform a proper lymphatic drainage massage, thusly metabolizing the fluids out of the treated areas. The outcome is a smooth and well-shaped skin, devoid of cellulite and inelegant fats.

The whole procedure last about 1.5-2 hours. After it, the patient can resume his / her normal activities almost immediately. Typically, a series minimum of 4-6 treatments (in weekly intervals) needs to be performed before the first results become noticeable.


  • Pain-free procedure resembling that to that of a soothing massage
  • Detectable fat reduction
  • Effective treatment of cellulite
  • Sleeker and more toned skin
  • Quick and noticeable results
  • Disposal of toxins, fluids and fats thanks to the triggered metabolic process
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Personalization of the treatments with respect to the individual patient’s needs
  • Patented, FDA approved hand-piece which prevents surrounding tissues from being damaged