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Acne is one of the most common type of skin condition. From teenagers to even people in the 30s, acne is something that should be treated with excessive care. Untreated acne can lead to acne scars which can affect your skin permanently. We offer one of the most comprehensive acne treatment in south delhi. Patients with acne suffer from a lot of psychosocial stress and the medications usually comprise of antibiotics, hormonal treatments , chemical peels etc. which have a lot of side effects and hence many people prefer not to resort to treatment and let the acne prevail. This negligence often results in scarring and these scars don’t go without intervention.

At Myra Skin Clinic, we follow a holistic approach when it comes to acne treatment. Based on your skin type and cause of acne, a customised treatment plan is created to suit your goal and lifestyle. Dr Sonia specialises in acne treatment in South Delhi and has helped even people with extreme acne conditions.

Some of the available treatments available for acne treatment at our centre in South Delhi:

Anti-Acne Peel

The anti acne peel is very helpful in the treatment of acne. Certain acne which can leave behind scars need to be treated with medium depth peel. With medication and other procedures combined, anti-acne peel is considered one of the most effective solution for acne treatment.

Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment is a highly efficient treatment for acne and can be used on anybody irrespective of their skin conditions. It works by reducing pimple causing bacteria with a highly targeted treatment. Since the treatment is natural, it is completely harmless and can be combined with other treatments.

Light Therapy

The light therapy works wonders on patients as it is non-invasive and involves no use of chemicals on the face. No drugs are required for the same and it is absolutely safe for all age groups and skin types. The procedure takes barely 15 mins and is painless.There is no need to be indoors as there is no downtime associated with the therapy. Light therapy provides improvement in acne, prevents scarring, reduces redness, swelling and makes the skin less oily. Moreover, the need for antibiotics and hormonal therapies can be evaded. The therapy is provided to remove bacteria which cause inflammation. A comprehensive light therapy plan combined with other treatments can help remove acne and recover healthy and natural skin.

Medication and Other Treatment

Based on your skin type and cause of acne, Dr Sonia may prescribe a treatment plan for effective management of your acne condition. Based on your previous treatment/medication and lifestyle choices, a thorough evaluation of your case is carried out by our dermatologist. We believe in creating a long term solution for your acne condition and hence a customised treatment plan along with certain lifestyle changes may be recommended.  Visit Myra Skin Clinic for an effective acne treatment in South Delhi.