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Myra Skin And Hair Solutions offers a range of skin treatments to give you perfectly supple, smooth, glowing, hydrated skin that you yearn for. From peels to polishes, treatments and therapies, rituals and enhancements – we have them all for your beautiful delicate skin. Professional Peels

Pumpkin peel

An advanced exfoliation treatment, which is excellent for acne management and hyper pigmentation with excellent anti-aging properties. This treatment uses various combinations and pumpkin pulp to even out discoloration, increase moisture retention and improve dull, weathered and sun damaged skin. For optimal results, peels are performed at fortnightly intervals for 4-6 sessions.

Mango peel

Mangoes- most of us love to eat them, they are rich in vitamins and nutrients. A delicious exfoliation treatment, which helps in lightening the appearance of pigmentation and dark spots and also helps in reduction of fine wrinkles. The treatment uses many beneficial ingredients and mango pulps to provide a quick glow to the skin. It is a wonderful peel for all skin types and helps with sun damage, rosacea and pre-mature aging. It is an ideal peel to be performed in winters as it provides the much needed extra hydration to the skin.

Advanced yellow peel complex

It is an ideal combination of indegrients to adjust the skin physiology towards a more youthful state . It rejuvenates the aging Skin and stimulates skin repair . Th special formula increase collagen production, improves elascity and increases skin thickness Moreover,yhis combination works excellently for the dry appearance of the skin on the back of your hands , feets , knees, and elbows.

The advance yalleow pel incorporates an exclusive PUSH "n" PULL technology Which increases drug penetration by creating an intracutaneous depot effect in the first layer of your skin which enables slow and localised diffusion enhancing slow localised diffusion, enhancing the results over the period of time.

De-Tanning Peel

Peel for Pigmentation

Anti-Acne Peel

Anti-Aging Peel